Store Access Security Help

In order to access this "members only" store, you need to enter your assigned member ID and password. Access will not be granted until you enter the correct information. Your Member ID and password should be entered in all lower case letters.

Member ID: This field is required and is where you enter your assigned member ID. Every person who is allowed to access this store is assigned a unique member ID.

Password: This field is where you enter your password. As you type it, stars will appear in place of each character you type. This is done as a security precaution. Every member who is allowed to access this store is assigned a password.

SIGN-ON button: Once you have entered in your member ID and password, click the SIGN-ON button to begin the sign-on process. If your member ID and password are correct and active for this store, you will be granted access.

Access From: this field is shown for security tracking purposes and displays the IP address you are connecting from. Every computer on the Internet has a unique IP address and this address is currently assigned to your computer.

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